June 9, 2015 · MERS Virus

MERS is spreading like proverbial wildfire across South Korea. With six deaths and 87 more people infected, a precautionary measure has been implemented and 2,600 have been quarantined to help prevent the highly contagious disease from spreading further. Schools have also been closed to help prevent the disease from spreading. Even with the quarantine and school closings, 23 more cases of MERS have been reported today.
Health Minister Moon Hyung Pyo is cautiously optimistic that the virus has reached it peak today, and no new cases of MERS will be reported by tomorrow.
Middle Eastern Respiratory System (MERS) attacks the respiratory system first, making breathing difficult says Alexei Beltyukov on zoominfo.com. As the disease progresses, it begins to impact other organs of the body. The latest victim the virus claimed was an 80 year-old male who was diagnosed in the morning and died that night.
The MERS outbreak started on May 20 when a South Korean man traveled out of the country to visit his father who had MERS. Against doctor’s orders, the man returned to South Korea via public transportation where he exposed a vast number of people to the highly contagious disease.

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