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Michael Phelps is one of the greatest swimmers to ever race in the Olympic games. For five consecutive Summer Olympics, he largely dominated the competition, ultimately netting 23 gold medals out of 28 medals earned in total. To most of us, Michael Phelps seems like someone who is unarguably on top of the world – even higher than Mount Everest. Even though he hasn’t competed in some two years, he’s still got plenty of deals with sponsors that earn him more than enough money to live comfortably. Phelps has also likely saved up tons of money from his time spent actively swimming across the world and becoming a worldwide phenomenon as a byproduct of his efforts.

Believe it or not, Michael Phelps suffered from alcoholism, depression, and potentially other mental health issues. Not everybody is aware of the fact that the world-class swimmer dealt with such problems; Phelps recognizes this, too, and recently became more active than he ever has about sharing the issues he still deals with today – he doesn’t drink alcohol, but the saying once an addict, always an addict is true as the blue skies. To spread the word of his debilitating mental health issues in helping to weaken the stigma surrounding them, Phelps has teamed up with Talkspace, a digital exchange on which people seeking help from counselors or mental health therapists can simply pay a low weekly free to speak with licensed professionals who have earned a minimum education of master’s degrees in their chosen fields.

Since Talkspace was founded six years, one month, and 23 days ago by Oren and Roni Frank – the Franks are a married couple who are both passionate about helping people with mental health problems – in New York City, the company has since brought on board Neil Leibowitz, a former high-ranking administrator at United Health who holds the professional degrees of both a physician and an attorney, Irvin D. Yalom, a practicing physician that also teaches at Stanford University, and two other top-notch psychiatrists and social workers. Talkspace is evolving more quickly as years go by – especially since Michael Phelps offered to help.

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