May 18, 2018 · Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Politics

Chicago politics are not known for being clear and straightforward. Many people even joke that it is the only city in the United States of America that expects the voting rights of the dead. No one expects the dead to vote in the city’s upcoming mayoral election. Current Mayor Rahm Emanuel may need the help that former President Kennedy supposedly received. Seven candidates challenge him in the upcoming election. The final election is over six months away, and the primaries have not yet been held, but the city faces contentious issues.

Many people expect that the city will maintain a Democratic mayor regardless of who wins. Unlike the rest of the state, whose politics are more in line with other areas of the Midwest, the city remains a staunch Democratic Party stronghold. The city remains plagued with drugs, crime, and gun violence. It faces another shadow with a president who seems hostile to the city. President Trump has threatened sending National Guard troops in the city to end the city’s notorious gun violence on at least one occasion.

While crime is a major concern for all of Chicago’s mayoral candidates regardless of party, it is not the only issue. Any mayor who wins the race faces the task of improving the city’s public education system and finding some way to balance the budget. Many city governments of any size around the country face or have faced similar budget woes, but the Windy city faces a multi-hundred million dollar budget deficit. The city’s debt may lead to a lapse or reduction in public services available to the citizens.

Rahm, a former member of President Obama’s administration remains the front runner. The city’s politics are quick to change. One disaster may cause the people to shift against Emanuel and elect a relative newcomer.

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