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Nick Vertucci, the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy doesn’t just direct its course toward real estate professionals or entry level employees; he encourages anyone of any business background to attend. The NV Real Estate Academy teaches people how they can finance property purchases, how to work with contractors or do it themselves on renovations, and other ways they can turn real estate investments into big gains in the market. So far, current attendees and alumni of the NV Real Estate Academy have expressed high reviews of the program, and the Better Business Bureau has given it outstanding ratings.

If you’re still having doubts about whether getting into real estate is right for you, you should get to know how Nick Vertucci himself got into it. He had had no experience in real estate either as part of his formal training or in his family background. He came from a tough financial situation growing up where even parts of his early adult life were spent living out of a vehicle. His way of getting out of that situation was through a love of computers, and his first business that he founded involved selling hardware parts which he did quite well at. The income generated by this business was enough to buy a house and provide for his family for a while, but the dot-com crash which hit the stock market in 2000 also caused his business to crash, so once again hard times came upon Nick Vertucci.

His entry into the real estate world was one that he was highly skeptical of because the promises seemed too good to be true, and he didn’t think going into it without any prior background could lead to success. But Nick Vertucci would find out otherwise after attending a three-day workshop during which he came out learning things about buying homes and flipping them that he had never heard before. He figured out how to acquire properties, and within a short time he was already reselling and leasing them out and turning his debt into financial freedom. He started sharing his story with others, buying time to get it out on local media and soon assembling the team that currenly runs the NV Real Estate Academy. While the academy is based in California, Vertucci often travels the nation to do training sessions.

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