November 8, 2017 · Organic Coffee

USA Today has always been known for giving Americans daily information that will help them throughout their lives. USA Today believes the information they recently put forth is the biggest piece of medical truth to ever come from their publishing team. The medical truth they released details the fact that coffee will help people live at least 20 years longer than expected. This medical truth also details the fact that ingredients have been found in coffee that kills and prevents cancer and kills and prevents heart disease. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

USA Today was able to conduct this research with the participation of approximately 100,000 Americans and their physicians. Half of these Americans drank coffee and the other half did not. Amazingly, the half that did not drink coffee suffered from either cancer or heart disease. On this journey, USA Today surprised thousands of physicians who always thought drinking coffee would kill a person faster. This new evidence is helping Americans stay alive longer for one-dollar a day or less. USA Today has proven once and for all that coffee is a necessity in the lives of all Americans.

Organo Gold is an organization that is standing behind the facts presented by USA Today. Organo Gold sells several different brands of coffee. All of their coffee is studied by health experts before being sold. Organo Gold wants to be sure that their coffee is saving lives.


For the next few months, Organo Gold will be offering free promotions for all coffee companies. This can be either a large or small organization or even organizations that just began this month. Whether in America or not, Organo Gold is willing to promote any and all organizations selling coffee. Organo Gold believes in saving lives and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Now that coffee has been proven to save lives, Organo Gold wants the world to know this truth. Follow Organo Gold on

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