May 7, 2015 · Baltimore, Facing The Odds

On Mother’s Day there may be a lot of mothers that are cheering as they check out the Prince concert in Baltimore. He is planning to perform the untitled song and others at the Royal Farms Arena.

Prince will have his female group 3rd Eye Girl backing him up. Prince continues to show up and perform concerts out of nowhere. This is yet another venue that came together quite quickly. Many people may have thought that the Baltimore tribute song was the biggest thing that he could give to the city, but the Rally 4 Peace concert is another huge milestone.

What Prince has done is draw some attention to this with his celebrity status. With this concert Prince hopes to decrease the riots and violent protesting. He wants to have some peaceful rallies and this is his way of making a contribution to the cause.

Prince is a big deal even after all of these years. He has become someone that is recognized and respected by people in rap, pop and R&B. With more than 40 years of albums and millions of albums sold he has a big influence in the world of entertainment. That is why the concert is going to be such a big deal.

Many people were not expecting this. Prince is sort of introverted. After all these years he is finally breaking out of his shell and becoming vocal.

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