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Born in 1962 in the beautiful country of Great Britain, Daniel Taub had made it his top priority to become the Ambassador for the United Kingdom. He is a truly experienced man, a graduate of Oxford and Harvard Universities.

In a recent article, published back in November of 2013, Daniel Taub expresses deep concern to the United Kingdom and the world of the repercussions of the Geneva deal that is aimed towards the Isreali states. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

This deal mainly concerns the threat of acquiring a nuclear weapon on Iran’s part. For Daniel, this is pressuring him and his allies, concerned that everything will be thrown off-kilter because of this one threat of this bomb ever coming to fruition.

Daniel Taub is passionate about his stance on these issues. He aims to keep the land he supports and protects safe from anyone trying to impose or intrude. Taub has dealt with so man political issues ever since he had been elected into office. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

When it comes to war and other diplomatic problems when they arise, he has a full experience. In 2011, he was appointed to be Isreal’s ambassador with his main focus being on trade matters. Dealing with other countries at the time was harsh and uncertain.

Ever since the beginning, Daniel Taub had a deep interest in foreign ministry and thought that he should go and try it, yet he did not know that he would wind up in that field of work. Each day for him is something adventurously different as he manages them.

There are so many aspects to juggle through only one week, from religious issues to the diplomacy that rises up on a daily basis.

What makes Daniel even more amazing is the fact is that he enjoys doing his job, even when it seems to get hectic or frightening when issues start to hit him.

Taub is a truly trusted individual. On top of his game and he is going to work it all the way through for as long as he can. He is one of the people who know which matters come first, for the good of the country he is in.

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