July 12, 2018 · Grenfell Fire

Last year, a horrific fire ripped through the Grenfell apartment unit in London. Many were killed and injured in the fire, and hundreds of people were left without homes. In the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy, the local and national government were criticized as to their response to the tragedy.

This week, Muslim Aid released a report on how the local council responded to the needs of Grenfell residents following the blaze. The report is highly critical of the response by the local council stating that the response was uncoordinated and lacked in meeting the residents’ needs.

The Muslim Aid report is very critical of the leadership of the local council. The report states that much of the emergency response was left to charities such as Muslim Aid to carry out. The local council did not provide information to the Grenfell residents as to where they could find help. Muslim Aid provided a specific example in their report. After the fire, the council did not set up a helpline for Grenfell victims to contact for assistance. In order to meet this need. A number of charitable organizations banded together to create a help line themselves.

This report by Muslim Aid is not the only report that has been critical of the government’s response in the aftermath of the blaze. There have also been criticism that safety measures were not in place to help mitigate damage from the fire in the first place.

In light of criticism leveled against it, the local council in the area where the Grenfell fire occurred is replacing all the doors in council housing. Just like in Grenfell, the doors were not fire rated.

The council stated that it would not respond to the report by Muslim Aid. The council said it would do all it could to make sure that a situation like Grenfell did not happen again.

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