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InnovaCare is one of the top rated providers or managed healthcare services. InnovaCare Health is based in Texas and works through a network of over 75,000 providers and has managed to win over, over 200,000 subscribers. This provider thrives through the support of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services. The provision of quality services, through cost-effective model, such as those developed by the Health and Human Services Department has seen InnovaCare receive a lot of popularity across North America. The excellence of InnovaCare Health can also be attributed to its leadership. InnovaCare enjoys the governance of two prolific medical experts, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.

Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto has been serving as the CEO of InnovaCare since the year 2012. His transformative ideas, eye for great talent and his advocacy for change in the health care service delivery models, have seen InnovaCare Health gain popularity, now more than ever. Under his leadership, InnovaCare has been able to weather the storms that are imminent in this Industry.

What makes Rick Shinto the ideal CEO for InnovaCare is the extensive experience that he has in this industry. He boasts of over 3 decades of experience, 20 of which have been in the managed healthcare sector. That aside, he has worked with various companies, in the leadership teams.

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Prior to joining InnovaCare in the year 2012, Shinto worked for Aveta Inc. He had been with the company for four years, until its sale. Shinto served as the president and CEO of this company, during which time she received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Therefore, he is not new in leadership matters of healthcare facilities.

Other than Aveta Inc., Shinto has worked for NAMM California, assuming the role of Chief Medical Officer. Also he worked for MedPartners as the Vice President of Medical Management and with Medical Pathways Management Company, as the Chief Operating Officer.


Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokinides was recently appointed, by Rick Shinto, to the leadership of InnovaCare. From Chief Operating Officer, she is now the Chief Administrative Officer. She and Shinto have for a long time worked together, even prior to her joining InnovaCare in the year 2015.

Like Shinto, she has more than 2 decades of experience to offer InnovaCare. Her knowledge in Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans as well as managed healthcare services, pose to a lot of benefits in the direction of InnovaCare.

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