April 26, 2018 · Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Utah ranked number ten in seventy cities ranked for solar power generated per person. Salt Lake has taken the initiative to make all there municipal buildings solar powered by 2032. So far the city has 14 municipal buildings equipped with solar panels. The 14 buildings and the resident’s participation in the Rockey Mountain Powers solar subscriber program are what contributed to them being so high on the list. The city expects that it will meet 12 percent of its energy needs through solar energy.

The list is created by Environment America to rank what cities have 50 or more solar watts installed per person. Environment America is calling these cities their solar stars. In 2013 there were only eight cities that meet the requirements for the list, and Salt Lake wasn’t among them. Since then the city has worked hard to compete with larger cities like San Deigo who once again ranked number two on the list. Salt Lake city ranked right underneath Riverside, California and right above San Antonio, Texas.

According to Environment America, there are still some things that Salt Lake City could be doing to improve there score. Some of the things that they suggest for cities include, expanding solar programs to low-income families, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses. They could make permits and zoning fees more affordable. The city could also push for stronger state-level solar policies.

Environment America is an organization of state-based environmental advocates. The organization research issues such as clean energy, and advocates for environmental policies through lobbying and public support.

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