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Talk Fusion, a video marketing enterprise, has upgraded it award-winning product Video Chat. The application now has stronger video support, deluxe contact organization, customized URLs and secure chat rooms. Additional features include a powerful desktop that provides file and screen sharing all powered by the advance WebRTC technology.


WebRTC enhances security and offers a better user interface. Talk Fusion’s Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page is convinced this will change user experiences. The product carries a state-of-the-art-voice-only calling design that extends the audio quality that WebRTC provides. This cutting edge technology utilizes global advanced components.


Talk Fusion also gives customers the opportunity to make audio calls to any where in the world. Customers receive more control and flexibility than the last version. Talk Fusion Founder and CEO, Bob Reina confirms, that Video Chat adapts to the person so they don’t have to adapt to the product.


The company continues to use a product-testing group called “VIP Council.” It offers a quick look at the redesigned Video Chat functions before it goes public.


As the second quarter nears, Talk Fusion challenges its competition. There are plans for executives to broaden the scope of Video Suite and Video Chat. Mr. Reina added that the new product advancements are nothing like they have done before. He is dedicated to getting in front of building high-quality products customers will truly enjoy.


It wasn’t long ago, Mr. Reina took a video of a house he wanted to buy and found he could not upload the file to his email. Talk Fusion was born at this moment, as Mr. Reina paved a way to make video in email a reality.


Video Email has given users thousands of templates to choose from. You can customize each and every email in various languages, colors or designs. The old days of sending a black and white email are over. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to be an expert in film to learn the product. Other features allow uploading from phones, tablets and personal libraries. Once sent, an email report will show who has accessed what.


Talk Fusion also has “Video Suite.” This gives customers the ability to create personalized newsletters. Users can also tap into the “Live Meetings” function that makes professional Power-Point type presentations and can generate live chat sessions globally. Content can be shared with up to 500 people. As for “Video Chat” it also offers Sign-up Forms that create email lists and templates.  Learn more:

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