August 19, 2018 · Mental Health

Everyone can agree that Michael Phelps is a success story by any means. However, many people are not aware that he struggled with depression and anxiety for much of his life. The world considered Phelps to be one of the world’s most decorated athletes. It was therapy that helped him get back on the road to recovery despite his success.

Michael Phelps describes how he felt lost for years. He even questioned himself whether he even wanted to live. He realized that he was both strong and weak at the same time. He recalls battling depression and not leaving his room for almost a week. He credits therapy with helping save his life. Now, he is working with Talkpace and hoping that millions of people will gain access to therapy they need to get better.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who need therapy never receive needed treatments. Talkspace offers an affordable and easy way to access confidential and professional therapy at any time and place. The program allows users to work with their therapist on a more personal basis. Users can send texts, pictures, and even video and communicate with their therapist through the Talkspace mobile app.

Talkspace views online therapy as e-therapy. The mediums that online therapists can use vary greatly. These include apps, texting, and video communication. The company makes it possible for customers to match with a therapist. Next, customers can choose the payment plan that works best for them. A therapist may respond twice a day and up to five days a week.

Talkspace also takes pride in the work of their licensed therapists. Michael Phelps sees this as good opportunity to share his life and struggles with the world. The Talkspace platform also shares a blog that offers insights into the lives of its therapists. Users can strengthen the relationship with their therapist by getting to know them better.

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  1. Maggie Shiloh says:

    Depression is a disorder that many people are suffering today. It is very hard for most people to deal with depression as some even get themselves killed. Getting help with depression is quite easy according to this Relationship Starters Blog with the use of Talkspace one can get therapists to assist them.

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