February 11, 2018 · Health Professional

When it comes to therapy, there seems to be a stigma around receiving it. Because of this stigma, many people that might need therapy but might be intimidated by it or might not be able to afford it can now be able to receive the therapy that they need on a ytheir smartphone. Talkspace is an innovative new app that allows customers to be able to receive therapy by certified therapists via the app. There is a form that you fill out when applying for the app, and then you can connect with a therapist that specializes in what type of therapy that you want to receive.

You can receive the therapy via chat in the app, or over this. This gives customers a different range of options to receive therapy, and the prices of the app are very simple to understand. If you are using the chat in the app, you can pay per hour and you can easily receive the therapy that you need for the price that you want to pay for. One of the best things about this app is that you do not actually have to face a therapist. Some people might be intimidated by going to therapy and talking face to face with a person about their problems, but with this app, if you have a smartphone and an internet connection you can easily talk to a therapist anytime that they are avilable. Talkspace will assign you a therapist based on the problems you have and the things that you tell Talkspace.

Many things have entered the digital age, and now therapy has too. With Talkspace, you gain a service that gives you a therapist that you can use to treat your depression or a therapist that you can talk out your problems with. Check out Talkspace today.

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