Avaaz is a civic organization that continues to be dedicated to global activism in the areas of human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, climate change, and different conflicts around the world. If one of these issues is happening somewhere in the world, you can bet your bottom that Avaaz will be involved and have something to say about the issue. Even though Avaaz is only just recently celebrating their tenth birthday, they are an organization that has exploded into the social consciousness of the world and online society. They have truly made their mark in the world of online activism by giving a voice to many individuals who, until 2007, did not feel they had a voice.

Avaaz also realizes that they have to continue to expand their sphere of influence in order to continue to make an impact.That is why they made a point early on to become active in more than one different language, resulting in their ideas being promoted in 15 different ones today.They also carry an influence on six different continents as well. One of the things that members of Avaaz believe strongly in is celebrating their victories. They reveled in the Paris Climate Accord, which was a commitment to help combat global warming by many different countries. The fact they could put aside their differences and unite to make it the “beginning of the end” for fossil fuels was a great step not only for each of the countries involved, but for mankind as well.

Another victory that Avaaz feels confident about would be what they call the “Miracle Recovery Plan.” Avaaz is alarmed over the fact that many different species continue to go extinct on a daily basis. They also realize that fish are now getting addicted to eating plastic! And to make things even more dire, they also see the devastating effects this has caused on the Great Barrier Reef. Thus, this is why they are calling their members to action. They realize that if everyone can work to protect at least half of the species in question that it will help our world ecosystem to do what it is designed to do – heal itself.Does all of this sound interesting to you? If so, Avaaz is always looking for new members. Let them know that you would like to get involved!

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