March 14, 2017 · HI, Meadow Gold Dairy

When one thinks about Hawaii, specifically Honolulu, HI, one would feel entitled to assume that anything edible would burst with vibrant, home-grown flavors. These lush taste sensations depict freshness, a quality that local dairy producer Meadow Gold boasts with abandon. Unfortunately, it would seem that not all is well in the land of milk and honey-flavored juice products. In a move that shocked and worried dairy enthusiasts across the island chain, Meadow Gold Dairy was ordered to stop producing 2% reduced fat milk by the DOH amid claims that Coliform bacteria had shown up in sample levels that far exceeded the acceptable percentages.


Coliform bacteria is used as a measuring stick for levels of sanitation in food and beverages. This hardy bacteria is commonly found thriving and swarming in the feces of mammals and other warm-blooded animals. Excessive presence of this bacteria means an immediate threat to the quality of food presented, and the exceedingly high levels found in Meadow Gold’s 2& reduced fat milk came as a shock to many longtime customers. Meadow Gold’s program manager Peter Oshiro wanted to make it excessively clear that this was not a public health issue, simply a quality control issue. According to Oshiro, there would be no product recall of any kind.


What does this mean for the future of Meadow Gold’s fine line of dairy products? If the management is to be believed, there is only the mildest of immediate cause for concern and virtually no cause for long-term concern. The fact that there will be no recall is a reassuring fact, but residents should still be on high alert when consuming the Meadow Gold products in question. Only time will tell whether or not this issue is worth a full recall of related products.


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