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Leadership is both an art and a science. Effective leading demands extensive skills and development. Becoming a great leader doesn’t happen overnight. Besides taking a concerted effort, it takes time. Nevertheless, anyone who wishes to become a great leader can make a few simple changes in their journey capable of bringing a vast difference.


The team at James River Capital Corporation explains three effective changes (based on the findings of extensive studies conducted by the firm) that can improve your leadership style.

Instead of leading your team, support them

It would take a great leader – one who has learned to manage his insecurities to incorporate this strategy in his/her leadership style. This strategy works well for leaders at Facebook. Rather than lead their teams, they have discovered the benefits associated with supporting them. Besides giving you a completely different view of your role as a leader, applying this strategy also impacts the way you interact with your team. We cannot ignore the smallest changes. Sometimes, they bring the most significant difference.


Always encourage and be ready to receive escalation

According to recent studies, an estimated 85% of employees are usually afraid of communicating critical feedback to their supervisors. They fear that they will get in trouble if they raise the issue, and as such, withhold it. Unfortunately, the absence of open and transparent communication leads to little or no innovation and also discourages collaboration as well as engagement with your team members. The content of the blog by James River Capital Corporation, therefore, encourages leaders to operate in a manner that allows its employees to feel safe when going to them with challenges, problems, as well as areas of improvements. Among the most effective ways of achieving this is to encourage and welcome concerns and escalation through a show of appreciation whenever it happens. Also, give everyone an opportunity to speak during team meetings.


Every person’s opinion must count

As already stated above, a great leader should encourage everyone to speak during a team meeting. Have the names of every person who is attending the meeting and ask about their opinions. Once a person airs his or her views, tick against their names. Take note of the quieter individuals and encourage them to speak their minds. With time, you won’t believe what these small acts can help you harvest as far as leading your team is concerned. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/272365860


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