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Nabors industry is involved with drilling natural gas and oil, it is one of the most successful companies in this sector and has maintained high standards over the years. Nabors good leadership has profoundly contributed to its success and growth.

Nabors industry was initially known as Anglo Energy Ltd and was established around the year 1968; the services office is located at Greenspoint, Huston in Texas. The company is also operational in over 20 countries, Tony Petrello serves as the CEO and president of the company, and his exceptional leadership skills have helped propel the company to new heights.

The most recent venture under his leadership was in 2017, Nabors limited allied with Saudi Armaco, in the same year the company managed to acquire Tesco Corporation in a stock exchange.

Serving in several executive positions at Nabors has given Anthony Petrello experience since 1991 Petrello has seen the growth of the company and has learned the drills on what works or not. Tony has been very influential in facilitating the expansion of the company. It would therefore not come as a surprise that Tony Petrello has never failed in any of his business ventures, he has maintained a high standard of business.

Tony Petrello’s success journey.
Prior to joining Nabors limited, Tony practiced law at Baker and McKenzie law firm; Tony became a great success in his practice due to his vast knowledge and how he handled taxation issues. During his time at the firm, he served as a managing partner.

Tony’s skills gained the trust of many people and clients sort for his serves a lot, his ability to solve complex financial issues and his passion to always help clients arise from severe financial problems remains a legacy in the firm.

Petrello’s background in law and more so knowledge in financial matters have helped him profoundly in steering Nabors limited to a new level and increased their returns. Tony believes in teamwork and working with a team that is highly talented and aims at achieving a similar goal; this attribute has also helped him to become the successful businessman he is.

Apart from being a renowned leader, Tony is also a cheerful giver. He has been involved in several donations, in a recent post, Tony and his wife were commended for giving a $5 Million donation to a Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital, this donation will help children suffering from neurological disorders receive quality treatment.

Tony also understands the importance of treating employees with dignity and helping out where he can, when the hurricane hit Huston and some surrounding areas, Tony allowed his employees to take off days, and the good thing is they were still paid, this would ensure they catered for their families and friends. He also donated money that facilitated meals for the affected families.

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