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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was coronated back in 1953. This came after a long period of economic struggle following the war. 6 decades later, the historic day was honored by a partnership between Perth Mint of Australia and The U.S. Money Reserve. The latter has been the exclusive distributor of Perth Mint’s precious metals products in the U.S.

Perth Mint created three coins as part of the Proof Coin Set of 2018. A ¼ oz. gold coin, a 2 oz. gold coin and a 1 oz. silver coin form the set. The partnership gave US money Reserve absolute rights to distribute the 2 oz. gold coin.

Of the 250 coins that were minted, US money Reserve received 203 coins illustrating the importance of the rights. They earned these rights due to the high standards they have set in the precious metals industry in America. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

This wasn’t the first time that US Money Reserve was honoring the British monarch. They have previously sold out the 2 oz. Platinum Coin and the 2016 Proof Coin Set in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

US Reserve’s chief executive pointed out exclusivity, low-mintage status and historical significance as the elements which characterize a successful coin release. All of these components were part of the unveiled coin set.

Official flowers of the Australian states form part of the coin’s design that also has Australia’s floral emblem. A top of the symbolic shield on the coronation coins is the St. Edward’s crown. Perth Mint’s ‘P” mark is inscribed on the coin alongside the year-dates 2018 and 1953.

Each set comes along with a certificate of authenticity. The Professional Coin Grading Service designated a “First Strike” label on all of them. The near flawless proof 69 and the museum-quality proof 70 grades were used to certify the coins. These are the best grades available.

US Reserve has gained popularity among its clients over the years with the high level service that they consistently offer. Their dedicated team of professionals has helped close to 400,000 individuals decide on the best silver, platinum and gold products.

The objectives and goals of individual clients are put in mind when a suitable option is sought. Most of these clients have gotten good results from their investments.

Their social media presence is remarkable as they use these platforms to inform their customers about new investment opportunities in the precious metals industry.

They also take time to engage and respond to any inquiries that they may have regarding precious metals. It is no wonder that they pride themselves as America’s Gold Authority. Their services are exceptional.

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