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GoBuyside is a multinational recruitment firm that connects their clients to top-notch employees. It is currently partnering with organizations in more than 52 cities worldwide ranging from Germany, UAE, UK, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland and even China. Most of the 400 plus clients are firms that work with startups and established companies to provide investment strategies, acquisitions, mergers, buyouts, venture, and growth capital. You can expect to work as a PE Associate, Associate, and Analyst in lower, middle and large markets. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.


Candidates using the platform for their next career need to create an account. In your account, you are supposed to input personal details, career interests, certificates, and work experience. The team at GoBuyside will then will review your account before approving it. If it’s approved, then the next step would be setting your privacy settings on the platform. You will be able to see the available opportunities, payment information, and materials needed to qualify for the job. You can also change the settings to connect and network with school alumni and industry professionals. The team at GoBuyside is available for inquiries and to offer advice about market trends in your industry. Read more blogs at

Protection of clients’ data

Encryption of data is a crucial element of companies under the fund management industry. These companies have personal information of their clients, investments interest and portfolios within their database thus GoBuyside prepares candidates on its platform to help these companies transition data management under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR is a bill that was passed in the EU in 2016 expecting companies to protect the data of their customers using their platform. Simple details like cookies data will need the same level of encryption as personal information like names and bank details. Failure to comply with the regulation will result in fines. Data controllers who are the companies, in this case, must also inform subjects of breaches within 72 hours. An individual can also request the controllers to provide details how his/her information is being used. One of the most significant change is the user can choose to delete their details on the platform entirely when they choose to.

GoBuyside has the necessary manpower to recruit top talent around the world for enabling companies to comply with GDPR regulations. Companies need to recruit analysts that understand the whole aspect of GDPR. The data handlers within an organization are only required to keep data that is necessary to process personal information of the user and put measures to prevent third-party access to the data. The data handlers can be a service provider or employees with the necessary expertise to handle data encryption. GoBuyside has the essential resources to help companies comply with the regulation by providing talented and experienced individuals. The recruiters at GoBuyside uses advanced technology to screen candidates according to the client needs.



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