May 6, 2018 · Shopping Center

Wichita’s first shipping container mall is coming to the corner of Central and Volutsia, thanks to real estate developer Michael Ramsey, owner of Bokeh Development. The new trend in mall development has been leading the way in bigger cities around the world and now Wichita is jumping on the bandwagon. Ramsey’s company is known for its visionary projects that transform older properties into trendy commercial and residential destinations.

Shipping container malls are designed to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their business while creating a fun gathering place for the community to enjoy year-round. Aptly named Revolutsia, the new two-story shopping center will feature an open-air concept offering a variety of restaurants and retail spots. Revolutsia is expected to open mid-summer but is designed to accommodate visitors year-round with numerous outdoor heaters and protection from the elements.

In designing the concept, Ramsey was determined to incorporate the historic stone cottage on the site into the project. The mall will feature 36 stacked containers engineered to house 12-15 separate businesses directly behind the existing cottage. Each business will boast 320 and 640 square feet of space, some taking up two floors. In the middle of the retail center will be a courtyard encouraging community gathering with a variety of sitting areas as well as a firepit.

This particular intersection has seen a boom in development as investors look to capitalize on the growth and renovation of the is part of town. Ramsey’s goal of Revolutsia is for families to congregate at the spot and enjoy the many benefits of community while supporting local businesses in an innovative way.

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