January 11, 2019 · Business Success, Food Industry

OSI Industries has gained popularity thanks to their quality provision of goods and services. If you are not keen on checking out where the food you eat is processed, there is still a high chance you have consumed OSI Group’s food.

They are the sole supplies of many respected companies including McDonald’s. The firm has grown, and it is currently operating in more than 17 countries with 65 locations.

The first way through which OSI Group has contributed to the well-being of the community is through employment. The company has more than 20000 employees. Sheldon Lavin says that to them, team membership is very important. To nurture a culture of togetherness, they eat lunch together where they address each other casually. By so doing, they catch up and understand the life of their employees beyond the workplace.

OSI Industries is very cautious when it comes to the food they supply to their consumers. The firms they supply to have trusted them to maintain a good reputation for them. They are committed to seeing that their products go through the legal procedures to ensure they are safe for consumption. The assurance team is also always busy ensuring what they release is of quality. They set their standards that they use to rate themselves and their suppliers. OSI Industries regularly conducts audits in their firm as well as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), GMP, Food Safety and Animal Welfare.

To ensure good manufacturing practices, OSI Industries sees that they teach their employees on safety production as part of their orientation. They also teach the employees on the same annually. To OSI, safety is something they observe every day. Every employee understands that it is not the responsibility of other parties but the responsibility of everyone to see that the food produced is safe.

OSI Industries is also committed to researching the new things in the market. They see that their clients are well-updated on the available options in the food industry. They are not rigid to change as long as it benefits their customers. However, they take the necessary precautions before using any new technology.

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